About Us

A Brief view of Pishgaman cooperative company and Pishgaman Mohtava Gostar

First time and day in which better and advancing future with great desires was designed, meanwhile formation ring of Pishgaman Kavir Yazd was began with cooperation of few members but with same mind, powerful and innovative thought, prediction and conduction for achieving this high aim was shining in the establishers’ soul and thought and nowadays we have became whatever desired yesterday and we will make tomorrow same as whatever we desired it yesterday.

Pishgaman cooperative group, although formed its initial core by establishing a not very big cooperative company in field of information technology, but nowadays, it is a big and stable for God’s kinds that everything is under God’s will, so we will be more vigorous than this. 

Under protection of cooperative establishment and truthful cooperating and with each other assistance, we conjugated the verb of will. 

We were and are in this belief that we will achieve all our desires by trust, thinking, obligation and cooperative. 

Pishgaman cooperative group, although has risen from land of “ Qanat, worship and contentment” in Yazd worship house, but for providing worldwide services and for present in all accessible points, this group go outside of pleasant desert and still it serves in geographical range very away from Yazd and presence echo of this group will be heard all around Iran and world soon. 

Pishgaman Cooperative Group at a glance

  • √ Date of establishment : 1996
  • √ Basic operation field: Information and communication technology
  • √ Expansion fields: Banking, insurance, air and rail transportation, submarine optical fiber, etc.  
  • √ Created employment: Direct employment about 400 people and indirect : more than 1500 people
  • √ Number of companies: At present time 26 companies
  • √ Industry model: cooperative industry
  • √ Main services: investment in ICT
  • √ Bilateral services: types of under web softwares according to costumer’s order, RFID services, intelligent services, videoconference, security servers and all added value services.
  • √ Operation geographical range: Direct agencies in Provinces of Kerman, Isfahan, Ghazvin, Fars, Boushehr, Khorasan, Hormozgan and in Canada, Emirate and Malaysia. 


  • - Gained the Superior cooperative rank in 2006, 2007 and 2010
  • - Selected as a sample entrepreneur in 2008
  • - Gained the country special cooperative rank in 2009
  • - Gained the best contractor rank of  rural ICT offices in country  in 2009
  • - Gained the biggest network supplier of ADSL high speed internet  in country
  • - Selected in national ITA biennial festival (titled as the country internet superior supplier)
  • - The better executive of Iran RFID in 2009
  • - Country internet star in 2009 and 2010
  • - Selected of congress about  industry and commerce superior faces in 2010
  • - Gaining national cooperative better rank by  Pishgamane Kavire Yazd in our great territory in 2011


Activities of Pishgaman Kavir Yazd group:

Although Pishgaman’s cooperative group focus on IT area, but it also provides services in other sections , industrial and services areas, such as:

  • √ Banking and financial activities in form of credit and financial institute
  • √ To provide international communication services(040) in order to simpler and cheaper accessing to for foreign calls.
  • √ Owner and executive of the biggest submarine optical fibre grid in country.
  • √ Establishment of customs and goods import and export system in center of country instead of northern and southern sea shores in form of Kosar Bandare Khoshk progression cooperative


Meanwhile in 2007, Pishgaman Mohtava Gostar with the right understanding of the Iran market requirement for electronic content established and entered the field of information technology. The company has lots of good gait to reach its goals in these years, the list is as bellow:

  • Exclusive sales agent of international internet telephony 040
  • Video conferencing and web conferencing systems provider
  • Organizer of virtual education in Iran
  • Consulting, designing and implementing of informatics and security solutions
  • Design and implementation of web conference software
  • Web hosting service provider
  • Administrative of Internet TV project in Yazd (both online and on demand)
  • Project Executive of Yazd and Ardakan electronic city
  • Design and impelementation of IP-based telephone centers
  • Online computer games provider


Pishgaman Mohtava Gostar strategies:


Being the best provider of web and mobile base electronic content in Iran.



Making the platform for gaining the whole capacity of web and mobile based electronic content market, Presenting Comprehensive solutions in establishment of reliable connection and development of value added services in the company.

The values:

Being the best, Team work, Innovation, Research, Customer orientation, Fair competition


Pishgaman  Mohtava Gostar Co. ongoing plans

  • - Signing MoU with Cooperation Office of the President in order to develop national games and  its platform
  • - Creating a job directory in order to provide value added services and location-based services on web and mobile platforms
  • - Creating content portal in order to provide a clean and updated content to the Farsi speaking community
  • - Participation in the design and launching the second barcode operator of Iran (Masir)
  • - Strategic MMO game production run on the web and mobile platform